Los Angeles-based photographer Moses Mitchell has shot for clients including Diageo, GTM, The Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation, Michael Beckwith, Interscope Records, Warner Bros, CBS, LA’s BEST, HBO, MTV and BET. His forthcoming book “Drive By” will include, among other things, captivating images caught in the townships of Africa, to which Moses made a trip with his camera. The trailer above is a little precursor to what we are very much looking forward to from Moses.

Our friend and former Pro-Ject presenter David Houle has been looking forward his whole career. His forward-thinking visions were instrumental in the founding of several TV networks including MTV, Nickelodeon and CNN. A futurist and brand visionary, David spends his time thinking about the future, and how the world will work in it. Along with Owen Shapiro - who helped to launch Staples, Sports Authority and PetSmart - David has just released his new book “Brand Shift: The Future Of Brands And Marketing”. This book looks into the crystal ball, predicting what brands will be doing to leave their mark in times to come. Technology, Big Data, The Internet Of Things and much more are discussed and assessed, leading to bright and big ideas about how marketers will operate, and exist in our ever changing world.

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